Reefer container units to fit all your temperature-controlled needs, our units are the ideal solution across a wide range of sector uses.


The in-house reefer container engineers at Eldapoint offer service and repairs, plus comprehensive pre-trip inspections and steam cleaning. We can also modify and update refrigeration units and provide on-going maintenance and servicing. Refrigerated units maintain the temperature of your shipment, but can even warm-up ’ the goods if required, with a temperatures range from -25c to +25c regardless of outside temperatures.

If you require a custom temperature control container, our specialist conversions team can provide bespoke solutions for a wide variety of purposes from restaurant cold-stores and pharmaceutical storage to high-end wine car transport.

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Options to suit your needs - 20-foot and 40-foot reefers available with food-grade stainless steel interior panels.
Our flexible reefer solutions mean we can fully tailor units to meet your needs including the fitting of accessories such as lockboxes, lights and ramps if required.
Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) certificates can also be provided for shipping purposes. Containers can be delivered worldwide.


Eldapoint is the UK's premier supplier of new and used shipping containers solutions, including ISO standard freight containers which are CSC plated and a wide range of specialist containers including tunnel and side opening shipping containers. Our refrigeration team supply, repair and upgrade reefer units which can be customised to your bespoke requirements.

Eldapoint has worked on several bespoke renewable energy solutions for Biomass and battery storage. Read our case study for a biomass Storage solution for Care Home.
Renewable energy housings case study for a hotel outlines the manufactured solutions Eldapoint can build for the renewables sector.
Our renewable energy client required solutions for multiple biomass housings that was cost-effective and matched the quality of their product. We developed a container solution that provided longevity.
Creating a sustainable and feature-filled shipping container conversion cafe which allows almost uninterrupted panoramic views along the coastline and the North Sea.
Providing the perfect temperature-controlled environment, with options for monitoring systems, our refrigeration units can be manufactured to address all your requirements and ensure the safeguarding of your goods in storage or transporatation.


With over 50 years of experience across all our divisions, we understand the diverse needs of our clients and we stock a wide range of products accordingly.

Open top containers are specialised solutions which offer cost-effectiveness and flexibility, with the key benefit being the ability to load via the roof of the unit. With a weather-resistant tarpaulin covering rather than a solid roof, open tops allow you to transport oversized material such as large machinery, timber, metal or scrap which can best be loaded by crane from above.

All new ISO shipping containers, commonly called one-trip, are manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, and painted to order using approved paint, in RAL colour range. Explore our full range of options to fit your requirements.

Tunnel or double door shipping containers, designed for use in situations where you need the option of dual entry. We can supply standard ISO tunnel or modify existing containers for access at both ends. Tunnel containers are ideal for drive-in-drive-out transportation.

Side opening containers are adaptable for many uses from shipping, storage and conversions, offering easy access to larger cargo items, side opening containers have concertina container doors along one long side with a standard container door on one end. Reinforced panels maintain the robust integrity of the unit.